About me

„I very much like to say that whoever and whatever I am, believe and feel are in perfect harmony with what I’m doing. Music is the concept that actually defines me and that every time makes me feel the way I’m feeling, and that is Special; this is actually what I want to give to those who listen to me, and it sums up several pieces of my heart and soul, as well as vibrant teenage life, and joy all mixed up in comprehensible lyrics. I’ve always known that there’s just one indestructible connection between me and my music. I’ve followed my dream, with both passion and commitment.” 

I’ve been lucky to enjoy the support of people who truly believed in me and
who also provided me with the strength and faith in my own force that I so much
needed. I’ve always got my family close and as far as I’m concerned, my family actually
stands for the foundation stone of everything I have achieved as well as for my
development – both from my personal as well as from my professional perspective.
Both my parents and my brother are always there for me and encourage me anytime I
feel down or maybe, when I feel that pressure is too high. I am so highly grateful to them
for all these sacrifices they have made for me and I so much appreciate it!

In these 17 years of my life I have learnt that I should look somewhere beyond
appearances. I’ve also realized, among other things, how important it is for one to insist
and fight for one’s own dreams and, least but not the last, how important it is for one to
contribute to light shining up in other people’s eyes and to bring happiness in their
souls. This is actually what I eventually wish to achieve: giving people tiny bits of
feelings, emotions and color by my music, as well as by the lyrics I perform.

© Denisa Moga 2018